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Is Zhan Zhuang the most powerful self healing tool on the planet ?

I was thinking this at the end of Standing Qigong practice, teaching a class yesterday. If it is then why are not more people doing it ? Well for a start , it is a discipline, it can be hard work and takes time, determination and resilience to build an adequate level of skill to provide good results.

The meaning of Kung Fu (gong fu) is something that requires patience, energy and time to build a skill. As they say, it is only through lots of repetition can we build any skills of note. Any skill that is worth learning, takes dedication, repeated concentrated practice over a long period of time e.g. learning to play the piano well.

With Standing Qigong (aka Standing post/like a tree), with dedicated daily practice , we are able to improve our mind's focus and become acutely aware of tensions held in the body and how these relate to misalignments in the body, which we all have to some degree. Improvements in these areas correlate strongly to feeling more and more comfortable in the posture/s and enhanced feelings of wellbeing and the flow of blood and Qi throughout the body.

A teacher I respect said recently, that it takes around three years of daily standing, say at least 15-20 minutes, to develop a good level of standing skill. There will be ups and downs along the way, partly as the body ( and mind !) adjusts to releasing tension, however with regular corrections by a good experienced teacher, it is a very worthwhile journey.

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