Monthly Saturday Tai Chi Workshops with Mark Collins

These 2 hour 30 minute workshops are suitable equally for beginners or the more experienced and give the opportunity to look deeper into the art, than a 60 or 90 minute class allows. Do you wish to experience more benefits, take your Tai Chi to the next level and feel nicely relaxed or energised afterwards.


These workshops concentrate on the building blocks on Chen style Tai Chi, loosening exercises, standing chi kung meditation, silk reeling and the Form. We will do at least 45mins to an hour on the Chen style Laojia form (I promise !). We may sometimes also work on a few simple partner exercises, to help understand the principles of Tai Chi.

In addition to the usual green tea, there will also be homemade and healthier CAKE or biscuits provided !

Dates for 2020 – 10am -12.30pm

18th January (Dursley), 15th February (Stroud), 14th March (Dursley), 18th April (Stroud), 16th May (Dursley tbc), 13th June (Stroud). 

No Workshops July/August.


Cost : £20 advance

         £25 on the day if places left

Spring Qigong (Chi Kung) Workshop - Mark Collins & Jeff Docherty

Following on from last year’s successful Spring Workshop at Rococo Gardens, myself and Jeff bring a flavour of our Braziers Park Retreat programme again to Painswick for a wonderful re-energising day of Qigong and some simple seated Meditation exercises. (see flyer)


Places limited to 12

Date - Saturday 2nd May 2020 Rococo Gardens, Painswick Stroud, 10am – 4pm


Cost - £55 advance

Click on the icon to download flyer.

Introduction To Tui Na Chinese Massage Workshop


This is a very practical workshop at the end of which you will be able to give a Tui Na Massage treatment to family or friends. I will teach the locations of the main acupoints and show a variety of massage techniques. We will work on each other allowing for you to receive several relaxing massage treatments yourself throughout the day, working on a seated upper body routine. There will also be the opportunity to learn some techniques to use on the lower body using a massage couch. You will also get some handouts to help you practice at home. I qualified in this wonderful therapy in 2004 and have been practising professionally since then.


Places limited to 8


Date - Saturday 6th June 2020 10am – 4pm, (Venue tbc Stroud or Dursley)

Cost - £45 advance

Partner Exercises, Push Hands and Applications Workshop


These exercises working with a partner, help to train and speed up your internal development, build better internal alignment and body connection/body mechanics. Quiet the mind, get feedback on your Tai Chi skills and improve better rooting.


Dates - Saturday 16th May 2020 2pm – 4.30 pm (after Monthly Tai Chi workshop)

Also last Monday of month 8pm – 9pm Wotton- under-Edge Town Hall.


Cost : £20 advance

           £25 on day if places left

Bagua Circle Walking and Palm Changes Workshop


An introduction to Bagua (means 8 Trigrams), the Chinese Internal Art which uses Circle Walking as the main training tool, with directional and Palm Changes. It is a wonderful form of dynamic meditation, which uses the whole body. The gentle twisting movements help to open the joints and massage the internal organs, helping to energise. It is very complementary to Tai Chi or Chi Kung practice and for beginners.


Date - Saturday 29th February 2020 10am – 12.30pm (Venue- Town Hall, Wotton-under-Edge)


Cost : £25 must be booked in advance by 17th February

Broadsword (Dao) Workshop


The weapon forms follow on from learning the hand forms and are complementary, using slow relaxed whole body movement. Ideally, you will have been learning “the (hand) form”, for a few years already, but you do not need any previous Sword experience to benefit greatly from this workshop. We will start will some basic sword exercises and then progress to the movements of the form, at a speed everyone can cope with.


Date - Saturday 29th February 2020 2pm – 4.30pm (Venue- Town Hall, Wotton-under-Edge)


Cost : £30 (includes the use of a wooden Broadsword) £25 if attending morning Bagua Workshop also.

NB. Must be booked in advance by 17th February please